YouSeeU’s Video Assignments are structured, linear workflows that learners complete asynchronously by recording themselves. After submission, they receive feedback and coaching from their instructor and peers.

Our variety of activity types makes it easy to configure any assignment to support your desired outcomes.

Video Assignment Workflows


Put learners in the hot seat with limited time to record an answer.

Video Presentation

Learners practice, critique and present through video with visual aids.


Completed asynchronously but feels like real-time dialogue.

Video Case Response

Learners think critically to respond to a video-based scenario.

Sync Activity

Practice with an audience through video conferencing & screen capture.

Group Project

Learners work together asynchronously to submit a project or presentation.

In-Class Activity

Gather detailed peer review during or after a live, in-class presentation.

Interactive Video

Learners answer questions while consuming a video to continue watching.


•  Asynchronous

Record to complete assignments from anywhere, on any device.

• SyncComments™

Time-stamped comments create teachable, learnable moments.

•  Peer Review

Learners can review, critique, comment and rate their peers’ work.

•  Rubrics

Create custom rubrics to assess and grade assignments.

•  Customizable

Create & configure assignments according to learning objectives.

•  Video Feedback

Increase engagement and provide coaching through video.

•  Graded Assignments

Assign a percentage grade or give a star rating.

• LMS Integration

Connect every assignment & grade to your current system.


Virtual Classroom allows instructors and trainers to engage learners in 2-way conversation over video. The simple, straightforward nature of our web conferencing tool provides a seamless way to connect face-to-face to further support your teaching and training objectives.

Live Learning

Facilitate live lectures or training sessions online in real time.

Meeting Room

Hold meetings or office hours virtually without losing a face-to-face connection.


Connect learners for discussion, group work, and collaboration.

Engage & Assess

Use polling, emoticons, and live chat to engage learners & assess comprehension.


•  Synchronous

Connect face-to-face in real time through video.

• Scalable

Engage a large audience or connect up to 7 simultaneous webcams.

•  Live Chat

Facilitate conversation and questions through text.

•  Document Sharing

Show & annotate content during the live session.

•  Desktop Sharing

Demonstrate by sharing your desktop or an application.

•  Whiteboard

Collaborate or demonstrate using the whiteboard.

•  Polling

Assess learners’ comprehension & keep them engaged.

• Recording

Record and archive every session.

YouSeeU is designed to work seamlessly for every type of user.

HTML based




ADA Compliant

508 Compliant

FERPA Compliant

Multiple Language Support


YouSeeU can be seamlessly integrated into any LMS.

  • LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) Compliant
  • No-hassle, single sign-on experience
  • GradeSync with your gradebook
  • Create new sections on Demand from template
  • Create new section manually than map
  • Use auto dates from class start date
  • Match class names
  • Create user accounts
  • Enroll users to sections

  • Deep link to assignments
  • Sync grades from YouSeeU to LMS

LTI Integrations

Because your learners


Than the status quo