Cengage’s MindTap solution is deeply integrated with YouSeeU. Activities are pre-loaded into the MindTap learning paths for a growing list of high quality Cengage textbooks. Please contact us or your Cengage representative to learn more about this powerful collaboration.


YouSeeU has partnered with D2L, a global learning technology leader, to integrate virtual classroom capabilities into its Brightspace Learning Environment. Brightspace and YouSeeU make it easy to have visual, two-way communication between learners and instructors that is engaging and collaborative at no additional cost to customers. YouSeeU’s full suite of video-based assignments are also available in Brightspace through a seamless LTI integration.

Sage Publishing

Sage Publishing partners with YouSeeU to create engaging, interactive learning experiences centered around its published content. YouSeeU’s Video Assignments, developed based on the content within Sage’s publications, enable authentic assessment of learner comprehension – raising the bar from passive reading or consumption of textbooks to active, engaged learning.

IMS Global Learning Consortium

The mission of the IMS Global Learning Consortium is to advance technology that can affordably scale and improve educational participation and attainment. We are proud to help further their mission through our alliance membership and implementation of the LTI functionality.

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