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YouSeeU Introduces Soft Skills Assessment Service

Loveland, Colorado (PRWEB)April 14, 2016 YouSeeU, a leading Educational Technology Company, will introduce a new Soft Skills Assessment Service at the Higher Learning (HLC) Annual Conference, April 16-18, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago and at the ASU-GSV Summit, April 18-20, 2016 in San Diego, CA.  Soft Skills Assessment Press Release

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Accessibility & YouSeeU

Creating a platform that is accessible to all students, including those with vision or hearing impairments is a critical factor for all YouSeeU software development and interface design. Key elements of how we support accessibility are: Screen reader friendly and high contrast user interface Caption Manager role User-supplied captions and transcripts Missed our webinar on […]

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The Art of Conversation

Let’s bring back the art of conversation.  Not emailing, posting, texting, or tweeting but a real conversation between two or more people.   Maybe it’s in French, or Japanese, simulating a hotel check-in.  It could be a role play between a counselor and her clients, a sales-call, or a debate between two lawyers in training.  […]

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The Painless Group Project

Do your students arrive to your course with the emotional baggage of past group projects?  In other words, is there a collective gasp, virtually or right there in your classroom, when you announce that they will be broken up into teams for the purposes of a weeks-long collaborative assignment? It’s time to tell them all […]

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The Proof is in the Poster

Given the task of creating an online Italian language course based on media-rich experiences, Instructional Designer Penny Ralston-Berg turned to YouSeeU for “Using Student-Generated Video to Assess Language Learning Online.” As detailed in her poster presented at the 7th annual Quality Matters conference last November, Penny designed not just one, but three courses focused on […]

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